Analysis of the causes of rf coaxial connector failure and solutions(1)

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Each rf coaxial connector has a rated life cycle, the connector's inner conductor compared to the outer conductor, the smaller size and poorer strength of the inner conductor is more likely to cause poor contact and lead to connector failure. Then let ZOMWAVE lead you to learn the causes of connector failure analysis and solutions.


Most of the rf coaxial connector's inner conductors are connected in an elastic way, such as: spring claw type elastic connection, jack slotted elastic connection, bellows type elastic connection, etc.. Among them, the jack slotted elastic connection structure is simple, low processing costs, assembly is more convenient, the most widely used. In the use of connectors pay attention to the following matters, you can also improve or avoid some problems.


Poorly fixed inner conductor

For assembly purposes, many RF coaxial connectors (e.g. Type N, 3.5mm) are constructed with the inner conductor split into two parts at the dielectric support and then connected by a threaded connection. However, due to the small diameter of the internal conductor, if the threaded connection is not secured during assembly to hold the internal connection in place, the strength of the internal conductor connection will be very poor, especially for some small RF coaxial connectors. As a result, when the rf coaxial connector is connected and disconnected multiple times, the threads of the inner conductor may loosen and fall off under prolonged torque and tension, resulting in a failed connection.


One of the common constructions of RF coaxial connectors is that the inner conductor, dielectric support and outer conductor are held together by an adhesive. In this structure, if the amount of adhesive applied during assembly is insufficient or the adhesive connection strength is insufficient, the adhesive may break during use due to the force, which will cause the inner conductor to rotate or move axially, fail to form a good electrical contact with the inner conductor, and the connection will fail.


Solution: When assembling the rf coaxial connector, apply an appropriate amount of conductive adhesive or thread locker to the threaded connection to improve the reliability of the threaded connection. Adhesive with higher bonding strength should be selected and must be used to fill the entire adhesive hole when applying adhesive; knurling on the inner conductor adhesive to increase the contact area between the inner conductor and the adhesive to prevent the inner conductor from rotating; properly adjusting the radial dimensions and tolerances of the inner conductor conductor, outer conductor and dielectric holder to make a tight fit between the inner conductor and the dielectric holder, and the interference between the dielectric holder and the outer conductor The fit also creates an interference fit between the inner conductor and the outer conductor. The three assemblies are stronger together.

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Analysis of the causes of rf coaxial connector failure and solutions(2)

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