5 Days of Shipping

5 Days of Shipping

Published by admin 2021-07-28

Normally, we can ensure orders can be shipped out within 5 days. Further negotiations shall be made if any emergency which delays the delivery happens.

When a PO (Purchase Order) quantity goes up to over 200 pcs, or the materials are lacked of in ZOMWAVE, lead time need to be confirmed by ZOMWAVE’S sales after PO received.


We ship orders by UPS, FedEx (with an approved account number), or DHL (with an approved account number) with delivery in 5 days to most locations worldwide.

All orders shipped are charged the actual shipping cost based on the current carriers rates.

Shipping Term:

Unless otherwise stated, all orders shipping term is FCA Shenzhen China. Shipping freight charges and insurance and any taxes will be paid by the Buyer. 

Any other shipping term request, please contact the ZOMWAVE sales.

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