Pre-assembly measurements in isophase stable cable using the net-split VNA(1)

Published by admin 2023-09-11

Certain systems require strict phase matching and therefore demand phase consistency of the transmission parameters (S21) of multiple cables at certain frequency points. In the actual production process, only by strictly controlling the length of the cable blank still can not fully meet the requirements of the phase consistency of the cable transmission parameters. The cable transmission parameters (S21) of the phase measurement is generally in the joints installed only after the completion of the once two (or more) cable S21 phase measurement results are inconsistent, you need to remove the joints, in order to re-cut the cable, and then again to install the joints and measurements, and sometimes need to be repeated a number of times. If a mass production and extensive screening approach is taken to select the pattern of phase consistent cable sets there needs to be a large demand for them, otherwise it would be wasteful.


Principle of phase matching in phase stable cable

Cable blanks are cut to form an open circuit at the end face, if we can guarantee or believe that the end face pattern is consistent when the cable is cut and processed, then we can measure the reflection parameter of the phase of this end face, and if the measurement result is consistent, we can believe that the cable's transmission is also consistent. In this way we can install a connector first in the cable production process, in the case of the other end can still be cut and processed state, the first cable transmission parameters (S21) phase pre-matching measurements, complete the trimming, and then install another connector, thus reducing the number of iterations, improve the success rate of phase matching in phase stable cable.


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